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Should You Brush Your Pet’s Teeth?

Mar 23 • 3 minute read

Cats and dogs need healthy teeth and gums to boost their overall health and quality of life. , dental care should be an important part of their regular health routine. Some of the best ways to maintain good oral care for your pets include brushing their teeth and taking them for their annual professional dental cleanings by a veterinarian.

Brushing your pet’s teeth is an excellent way of keeping their smile bright and healthy. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not brush their cats or dogs’ teeth. Poor dental care may cause various health issues, such as periodontal disease that causes swollen and painful gums and tooth loss. To prevent serious adverse dental conditions, it is important to brush your pet’s teeth at two to three times weekly and take them to a professional for a dental cleaning once per year.

The following are some key reasons why you should brush your pet’s teeth:

Prevents Periodontal Disease

Gum or periodontal disease is a common and serious dental problem affecting pets. Periodontal disease can cause abscesses, extreme pain, infection, and tooth loss. It can also affect your pet’s joints, organs, and overall health. Prevention is key when it comes to periodontal disease in pets because it is irreversible. Also, brushing your pet’s teeth can help prevent gum disease or slow its progression.

Prevents Bad Breath

Some people believe that bad breath or halitosis is normal in pets; however, this is not true. If your pet constantly has bad breath, then it is an indication of something serious going on. Although bad breath may result from different diseases, it is mainly caused by gum or periodontal disease. The plaque will mix with bacteria and saliva in the mouth, creating a foul smell. As such, brushing your pet’s teeth can prevent bacteria, plaque buildup, and bad breath. However, if bad breath is still consistent even after brushing, consult a veterinarian for proper treatment.

Prevents Pain

Periodontal issues can be incredibly painful for pets, whether dealing with broken teeth, abscesses, gingivitis, or gum disease. Most pets will not show they are experiencing dental pain and will live with the pain. To prevent your pet from feeling pain and discomfort associated with dental problems, you should brush their teeth regularly.

Keeps Their Teeth in Good Condition

Healthy teeth are vital for your pet to be able to comfortably eat and play. When left untreated, oral health issues can progress and significantly impact your pet’s quality of life. Taking good care of their teeth will help ensure they live a healthy and comfortable life.

In addition to preserving dental function, brushing your pet’s teeth can also improve their look. As they age, most pets will show some mild tooth discoloration. Heavy teeth staining is mainly caused by bacteria found in buildup plaque, and brushing can help eliminate it. However, you can avoid heavily stained teeth by brushing their teeth regularly. Brushing your pet’s teeth will help ensure they have bright and whiter teeth.

Detects Any Dental Issues Early

Consistently brushing your cats or dogs’ teeth allows you to check for any dental issues they may have, such as abnormal bites, poorly positioned teeth, broken or fractured teeth, or retained baby teeth. These dental problems can cause immense pain and issues for your pet, and you should consult the veterinarian if you notice anything abnormal when examining their mouth.

Don’t Neglect Your Pet’s Oral Health Care

As you can see, dental care for pets is important to keep their teeth healthy and prevent dental disease. Dental care is important throughout your pet’s life; however, introducing them to toothbrushing when they are younger will make the entire process easier. If you can brush your pet’s teeth at least a couple of times each week, it will go a long way in helping them stay healthy and have fresh breath. Always do your best to make the teeth brushing experience more enjoyable for your pets, and contact your veterinarian if you have any challenges.

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